about us

As travel enthusiasts ourselves, we know how enlightening travelling and meeting new people proves to be. We shall ensure that you leave with an experience that will forever be attached in your memory.


And we plan to achieve this by taking you on a journey that involves active participation through walking tours, custom tours and fixed date tours, all of which involves a plethora of adventures and befriending the locals.  

The journey will be an experiential and fulfilling one!

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To ensure that you have an equally enlightening experience, we have left no stone unturned. From providing hassle-free and secure travel to eliminating the influence of middlemen so you have a one-on-one experience with the locals.


After all, it’s not only the places that leave a lasting impression but also the people and their stories.  The entire journey is immensely liberating; hence we make it a priority to enable others to experience the same. North-East India in its entirety is an unexplored paradise, your experience here will be a truly promising one.


Not only are we driven by a strong urge of wanderlust, we are also great advocates of leading healthy lifestyle and promoting an equally healthy environment.  
We have curated for you an expedition that will rejuvenate your soul. Go hiking through the intensely immersive mountains and valleys; take a leap of faith into the waters. Do not be alarmed! You are in safe hands.  And in a pursuit to protect the environment, and to leave a positive influence upon our valuable customers, we have walked the extra mile of implementing an eco-friendly experience.