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Terms & Conditions / Cancellation Policy for Tour Package, Hotel, Transportation, and Other Bookings

Last updated on 21-12-2023 02:02:47

1. The booking becomes effective between Bagpackbuddy Tour and Travels Private Limited  and the client only upon full payment receipt.


2. BAGPACKBUDDY  reserves the right to:

   - Cancel the booking before the service date, limiting liability to refunding the client's payment without interest.

   - Modify transportation service route/timing due to unavoidable circumstances.


3. BAGPACKBUDDY  is not responsible for improper services from unconfirmed agencies or sudden situations during service provision. This includes damages, lost luggage, or valuables caused by independent service associates or external factors.


4. BAGPACKBUDDY  is not liable for situations outside the normal selection process, acts of Government authority, war, disturbances, or natural calamities. Extra expenses due to delays or itinerary changes are borne by the client.


5. BAGPACKBUDDY  is not liable for death, injury, sickness, accidents, illegal activities, penalties, or loss of goods during the booking period.


6. Quoted service costs are based on prevailing fuel and related costs. BAGPACKBUDDY  may adjust rates due to tax changes, surcharges, fuel cost increases, or uncontrollable expenses, informing the client in advance.


7. The booking is governed by Indian law, and disputes should be resolved in the administrative jurisdiction .

Booking Procedure:

- Package bookings require written confirmation.

- All correspondence must be in writing; verbal communication is not considered in disputes.

- Booking is confirmed after receiving 50% of the total package cost.

- Full payment is required before starting the service.


*Cancellation Terms and Policies:*


1. Cancellation must be communicated in writing to BAGPACKBUDDY  in advance.

2. Cancellation is effective upon receipt of the cancellation letter.


   Cancellation charges:

   - After booking and advance payment: 10% deduction.

   - Postponement/preponement up to 30 days before service: 5% deduction; costs recalculated based on current rates.

   - 30 days before service: 20% deduction.

   - 29 to 15 days before service: 40% deduction.

   - 14 to 10 days before service: 50% deduction.

   - 09 to 06 days before service: 60% deduction.

   - 05 days to 48 hours before service: 90% deduction.

   - Within 48 hours to the day of service: 100% deduction.

   - No-show results in a 100% deduction of the total cost.

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