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meghalaya cuisines


A land of many identities, traditions, and dialects – Meghalaya’s cultural diversity is best explored through its festivals, historical landmarks, and its delicious cuisines.

Jingbam Dihsha

The traditional fare of the Khasis consists of wholesome snacks like Ja Shulia or sticky rice, Pu Khlein or fried rice cake, Pu Maloi or steamed rice cake, Pu Sla or rice cake steamed in a leaf, Pu doh or steamed rice cake with pork strips and rice cake. Best with a hot cup of red tea, this is wholesome goodness straight from the hearth.

Putharo and Doh Jem

U Putharo is a softy spongy flatbread prepared from rice flour. It tastes best when served with Dohjem, a pork curry. This mouth watering combination is usually served with tea.

Wak Tangsek Pura

Wak Tangsek Pura or cooking pork with green vegetables is one of the favourite dishes of the Garos. The main ingredient which gives this dish its unique taste is powdered rice and indigenous soda.

Ja Tyndong

Food cooked in bamboo tubes is commonly practiced by farmers in rural areas. Rice, fish or meat and vegetables are put into a fresh bamboo tubes with enough water spices and seal with banana leaves and baked on fire until the bamboo is slightly charred.

Do∙o Kapa

An enticing dish popular in most Garo homes. Do∙o Kapa is a chicken dish cooked with indigenous soda. Mostly served with rice, the taste of this dish is further enhanced with the addition of fresh herbs like coriander and chillies.

Na∙kam Bitchi

Dry fish is an integral part of Garo cuisine and Na∙kam Bitchi or dry fish gravy is a much sought-after delicacy. Served with rice, the spicyness of this dish adds to its tantalizing yumminess.

Dakharang or Kharang

The Dakharang or Kharang or smoked fish is popular among the Jaintias. Prepared as a curry, chutney or salad, the smokiness of the Dakharang or Kharang, often served with rice, leaves a lingering palatable taste in the mouth.

Jadoh, Dohkhlieh and Tungrymbai

Made with rice and pork, Jadoh is usually accompanied with Dohkhleh, a form of pork salad and Tungrymbai, which is fermented soybeans cooked with black sesame seeds. This enticing dish is a gastronomic delight.

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