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dree or dri wuhi


Dree or Dri Wuhi' (Gods)

Dree or Dri Wuhi' (Gods) is the festival of the Apatani Tribe, it has gained popularity amongst other tribes in Arunachal Pradesh as well. The festival takes place on July 5 each year; however, celebrations associated with the festival begin from July 4 itself. Dree is the biggest festival of the Ziro Valley and since agriculture is the mainstay here so people generally celebrate festivals as a mark of thanksgiving to the Almighty for giving them a good harvest. During the festival, people offer prayers to four Gods namely, Tamu, Harniang, Metis, and Danyi. Traditional dance is performed and as a symbol of good harvest, cucumber is distributed to all. Women brew wine and people also savor various delicacies and rice/millet beer.

Dree or Dri Wuhi' (Gods).jpg
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