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garia puja


Garia Puja

Garia Puja this puja is held in the seventh day of the month of Baisakh (April) for 7 days, a bamboo pole that symbolizes the Lord Garia, the deity of livestock and wealth, is worshipped with flowers and garland. The main ingredients with which the Garia Puja is conducted are cotton thread, rice, riccha, fowl chick, rice beer, wine, earthen pots, eggs and wine. According to the age old tradition, the fowl is sacrificed before the deity and the blood of the fowl is strewn before the Lord to get his blessing.

The performance of the Garia Carnival is in agreement to the Ochai instructions. During the festival no one is allowed to cross the shadow of the symbolic god Garia, in fear of making him annoyed while doing so. During the Garia Festival the children play drums, sing and dance before the Lord Garia to appease him.

Garia Puja.jpg
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