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tripura cuisines


Such one state lies in the unexplored and untouched part of the map whose cuisines are uniquely different and extremely celestial. Tripura, one of the state of north-east India and surrounded by Bangladesh from three sides lies peacefully in its own cocoon. But, the culture and rich food of Tripura speaks for itself. Here is more you need to know about the food culture and Tripura cuisine you must please your stomach with before you die!

Mui Borok- The Traditional Cuisine of Tripura

The traditional cuisine of the state of Tripura is Mui Borok as it is affectionately called by its people. You will always find one ingredient in the traditional food plate of Tripurian people, Berma. Berma is dried and fermented fish which is surely a Tripura’s favourite. The dish is cooked without any oil and hence it is considered extremely healthy. Berma will enhance up the salty taste buds on your tongue as it a bit salty and spicy in taste.

Authentic Chauk and Chuwarak of Tripura

If you are a beer lover, you would probably fall in love with the freshly brewed rice beer of Tripura, Chauk as what they like to call their traditional beer. The beer is prepared by fermenting rice in water. Chauk is a famous drink which is gulped down by the Tripurians on special occasions and festivals. The Chuwarak is the infamous scotch and champagne of the state. It is prepared in different styles using a variety of ingredients such as mami rice, pineapple, jack fruit etc. Chuwarak is considered as one of the safest alcohol to drink in the world, the credit goes to the natural ingredients and the traditional method of preparing the drink.


The dish belongs to the tribal community of the state. This is another famous food of Tripura, made with Berma ( fermented fish). Berma is cooked with vegetables like potatoes, beans, bamboo shoots, Jack fruit seeds & Other spices.  This semi-solid dish is popular in functions & ceremonies. This food is also oil-free. Garnished with onions and coriander leaves, this healthy food is served with rice. Gudok is an authentic & staple food of Tripura.


Being the lover of meat, rice is an essential part of the diet of Tripurian people. They take huge pains to bring about the perfect aroma of rice to their plates. Bhangui is an essential rice dish which is prepared with the sun- dried rice boiled with ghee, ginger and onion. This dish is boiled in banana leaf to keep the nutrients of rice intact and also to bring about the unique aroma to their dish. Tripurians love to compliment their nicely prepared rice with meat and fish.

Kasoi Bwtwi

Although Kasoi Bwtwi is prepared with Berma, but some prefer it making without the use of fermented fish. This dish is prepared with various green vegetables to give you a punch of healthy dish. Berma- the fermented fish, French beans, chopped onions, Green chilies, a few tofu pieces, garlic cloves, salt and turmeric powder are the main elements of the dish. Tripurians also use the famous khundrupui leaves to add the extended flavour to their delicacy.

Muya Bai

Muya bai is a famous non-vegetarian Tripura dish. Pork is the main Ingredient of food. A unique dish of having a combination of Non-veg and Vegetable. Pork is Cooked with Veg ingredients like Bamboo shoots, Jack fruit Seed, Green papaya, and Other spices. This is a famous  Bamboo shoots  & Pork dish from the North East state of India.  Food is eaten with hot rice.

Tohan Mosdeng

Mosdeng is the Special food of Tripura. There is a various version of Mosdeng can be found. One of those is Tohan Mosdeng. It is a lip-smacking and unique Chicken Salad from Tripura cuisine. Overnight Marinated Chicken with spices is either fire-grilled or boiled.  After that chicken is shredded & mixed with onions, chilies & coriander leaves.

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