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kayaking and rafting


There are many spots where the gushing rivers on the hilly terrains shall be perfect for the white water rafting enthusiasts. Just hop into a raft and experience the thrill of staying afloat. In Northeast India, Meghalaya’s fresh and rapid rivers provide a stage for rafting and kayaking enthusiasts. Rapids of all grades attract paddlers from all over the world during October and November. The immediate post-monsoon weeks are the best as the water is still powerful while the climate is relatively dry providing perfect conditions for those who want to test themselves. However, the activity is not restricted to these few months. There are also many perennial lakes and stretches of flat river beds that allow for basic paddling throughout the year , Assam and even borders of Arunachal Pradesh have River Brahmaputra (or River Siang, as it is called in Arunachal Pradesh) passing through it., and in most of the places just look out for the rafting by consulting the local guides.  

When in Sikkim, do not miss out the water rafting down the gorgeous icy cold waters of the Teesta and Rangit rivers. Go for the Subansiri River in Arunachal Pradesh rafting for some top-level Grade IV rapids. 

Amateur paddlers and those seeking to experience it for the first time can enjoy kayaking and pack rafting facilities in Meghalaya, destinations like Mawphanlur, Mawlyngbna, and Shnongpdeng. Shillong Whitewater Village is located in Bhoi district (23 kms from Shillong) and is a great place for beginners to learn and experience basic paddling. Located on the banks of the Umtrew River, Shillong Whitewater Village also boasts some challenging rapids.

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