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pang lhabsol


Pang Lhabsol

Pang Lhabsol is celebrated to offer respect and homage to the third highest mountain, Mount Kanchenjunga. But this is not it, Pang means ‘to witness’ and apart from paying homage it also commemorates the Treaty of brotherhood among Lepchas and Bhutias. It signifies the unity of the Sikkimese.
Mount Kanchenjunga is also the highest mountain in India. It is considered as the guardian deity of Sikkim and it is said that the Sikkimese invoke God on this day on behalf of the entire country. The festival is considered very auspicious and happens in between August and September.
Many tourists visit Sikkim Tsuklakhang Monastery just to watch this festival and you will find many locals cheering the dancers. The entire aura is vibrant with dancers twirling fiercely on the beat of the drums. It is such a positive feeling and marks the unity of people.

Pang Lhabsol.jpg
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